The Eastern Oriental Express

  • The Eastern Oriental Express traverses through South Eastern Asia accommodating visitors in unrivalled etiquette on a mysterious adventure, an adventure yet to be discovered.
  • The elegant green exterior accentuates the polished paneled wooden corridors with silken furniture, leaving a distinct Asian feel. The exotic and haute-culture cuisine is served in ornamental dining cars.
  • Be seated at a freshly ironed white-linen coated table, outfitted with sparkling crystal and glittering silverware.
  • Rub shoulders with celebrities, while you sway to the jazz orientating from the Bar Carriage.
  • Stewards at your beck and call, present you with champagne, wine and cocktails. Your elegant cabin with its plush furnishings awaits you, as the Oriental Express rolls into the night.
  • To spoil you even more, a befitting gown and slippers are laid out for your comfort.
  • Tomorrow you will experience a new beginning, as you set out to discover the region’s secrets for yourself.